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(via 12 O’Clock Boys: An IMAX-indie Experience - White River State Park)

please friends DO NOT try this at home!

Instead check-in and visit our IMAX® Theater (inside the Indiana State Museum) at White River State Park later this month for more than a pop-a-wheelie documentary introspective into American culture and community as part of our IMAX-indie Film Series.

12 O’Clock Boys is an Award-Winning film, so you may have a thought provoking experience at the State of Indiana’s largest IMAX® Theater … This is the Reel BIG deal folks!

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(via Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens)

Like our Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens at White River State Park? How about getting into the Park for FREE? Well do us a solid and support our community this Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday 01/20/14) for FREE … … Thank You!

#Community #SupportLocal #ParksMatter #MLKDay

Thank YOU Friends for such a stellar 2013!  Here’s WRSP's Instagram ( video-image montage via the good folks at Statigram ():   |   

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